Our Organization

We are proud loyal students of Morio Higaonna Sensei, nicknamed the tiger of Okinawa and recognized by the Okinawan government as a living cultural treasure. We work hard to promote authentic Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-Do.

De Wet Sensei believes in quality over quantity. While there may be large organizations around, Higaonna Sensei is known for his emphasis on tradition, quality and high expectations. This is why de Wet Sensei has been a loyal student since 1980. 

Joining our private dojo

Joining the Bushinkan Dojo is both simple and challenging. It's not housed in a fancy facility. It is an old school Dojo in every sense of the word. Those who wish to join must contact Sensei directly, and set up a time to come and train at the Dojo. This gives both Sensei and the prospective student the opportunity to see if this Dojo is the right one for the prospective student. Additional information will be given to those who make direct contact.

Training in Goju Ryu

Okinawa Goju Ryu is a system unique in both content and approach. Because of this, training is well structured, with an individual syllabus for each level.Karate is much like an inverted pyramid, with each block building on the next, and because of the need for a strong foundation, significant time is spent on conditioning and basic training.Outside of the Junbi Undo (warm ups), Hojo Undo (supplementary exercises) and Kihon (basic training), we have the heart of Goju Ryu, the Kata (Form).My view is best explained by using a painting analogy, the first three are like learning what a brush is, how to hold a brush, and how to move the brush. The Kata are the great works of the Masters, and we must try to copy them carefully and exactly, until we are infused with the message of the art. Only then will we be able to express them, and attempt to make the art ours.


Okinawa Goju Ryu has many forms of Kumite (Loosely translated as sparring, but this can be misleading). From Kihon work with a partner where the exercises is limited to individual techniques (eg: Tanren or conditioning), to Yakosuko Kumite (promised sparring), to San Dan Gi (three level sparring), to Kakie Kumite (push hands sparring) to Bunkai Kumite (application sparring) to Iri Kumi Go and Ju (Okinawan free fighting). Facilities and equipment We have some excellent facilities and equipment in our private Dojo. What we will have in our public location remains to be seen. The majority of the floor space is matted for the practice of throws and takedowns, and we have all the necessary equipment available for those who wish to pursue the full-contact Karate option. We have several hanging bags, mirrors, pads, mitts, skipping ropes, Chi Ishi, Nigiri Game, Makiwara, Tetsu Sashi and a Kongoken etc. at the private Dojo, and on special occasions we bring some of the Hojo Undo equipment from the private Dojo for members to use at seminars, or special outdoors training.

Important note: Partner work

Okinawa Goju Ryu is full of partner work. Note the use of the word partner.

Goju Ryu is not antagonistic, and we are careful to treat each other with respect. Partners are necessary for us to progress, and abusing Dojo members is not tolerated.

As Higaonna Sensei says, "Challenge Yourself!"

Our Approach

Our Story